The New Hunter S. Thompson?

Jake Cupitt, Aspiring Writer

From Mittagong in New South Wales to the University of Wollongong.

Most first-year students are overwhelmed by the whole concept of university but for others, they thrive on the culture and the challenges that come along with it. Jake Cupitt is one that thrives, one that takes risks and embraces every new challenge that awaits him. Of course, university life is not all about overcoming challenges, it’s about discovering your passion and thriving in an environment that welcomes the enthusiastic, determined personality.

Jake’s main passion is writing. To be able to pursue a degree in Journalism is a dream come true – well so far anyway – as Jake can articulate with the liberty that accompanies university life. Short-term ambitions to write for the Tertangala and to establish a solid platform from which to prosper academically and culturally, Jake hopes these will be the stepping stones to a bright future.

Inspired by Hunter S Thompson who wrote for the Rolling Stone magazine, Jake hopes to follow in his footsteps and continue the gonzo journalism embraced by Thompson. Jake’s other passion, however, lies in music – a theme embedded in the Rolling Stone magazine.

‘To find the right band members is hard, but not everybody can pick up a guitar and be naturally talented at it’

No, no they can’t. But one thing Jake is rather modest about and does not allude to is his work ethic and determination. These characteristics are ingrained in his personality and only good results can materialise. So while most of us can’t turn into Jimi Hendrix overnight, what we can do is work for our goals and work to succeed. Jake’s motivation and passion for writing and impetus moving into the future will only send him down the right path to achieving his ambitions and realising his goals.


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